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Wyndon Hibler’s Biography

Wyndon Hibler has more than 27 years in the financial services industry. He began is career working in the Reorganization Department of Interstate Johnson Lane. He then worked in Equity Research for four years where he analyzed Healthcare and Industrial Stocks.


Mr. Hibler joined Wachovia (legacy First Union) as the Assistant Manager of Broker Direct. Broker Direct was a unit of financial advisors you gave advice over the phone to clients across the country. He helped grow the unit from five brokers to 20 brokers and 100 licensed financial specialists over a two years period. He spent a short time on Wachovia’s Discount Desk before becoming an institutional fixed income trader for Wachovia’s Evergreen Investment Services Unit. After a two-year period, Mr. Hibler was promoted to Fixed Income Portfolio Manager where he helped manage more than $1 billion in taxable fixed income accounts.


Three years later, Mr. Hibler received another promotion to become Chief Operating Officer for Wachovia’s Global Capital Finance. Global Capital Finance consisted of three business units: Asset based lending, Equipment financing and Railroad Cars. Mr. Hibler was responsible for business planning, strategic initiatives, project management, program management, corporate real estate, technology services, general administration, human resource processes, and general administrative process improvement.


Finally, over the past three years, Mr. Hibler has been working as a Director in Enterprise Risk Management for the Federal Student Aid, a subsidiary of the Department of Education. With a focus on Operational Risks surrounding Acquisition/Vendor Management, he assesses a Federal Agency whose vendor payments account for more than 85% of their $900 million annual budget. His role is unique to the federal sector in that he has assessed the “End-to-End” risk points in the procurement process. Most other agencies focus primarily on contractual elements of the client/vendor relationship and little emphasis is placed on risk management.

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