African American Males Positively Impacting Others

Mark Wright Biography

MARK W. WRIGHT was born in England and raised in Jamaica. Wright received a B.A. in print journalism from Howard University in Washington, D.C.

Wright relocated to New York from the Washington, D.C., area in the late 90s to cover professional athletes at Black Enterprise magazine. Later he launched ESPN The Magazine, and he worked on the publication’s original staff—and its first issue, which featured a young Kobe Bryant and Kordell Stewart.

Almost a decade ago in 2003 as magazines were dying off due to the Internet boom, Wright went into business for himself, serving as a consulting editor on various magazine prototypes. With Digital, and later social media, changing the way information is consumed, Wright changed with the times—using his newspaper and magazine background to make him a leader in the social media and digital space.

Mark has been an executive at ESPN in Charlotte for the past five years. As the Director of Content and Editorial Services, Wright oversees the division’s Web and Digital platforms.

Over the years, Wright has amassed an impressive list of contacts of writers, editors and other sources. The one-time broadcast major has also done some front-of-the-camera work and periodically lends his voice to promotional pieces for ESPN.

Mark is married to Heather, who is also a journalist. The Wrights have three children, including a sophomore at NC State.

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