African American Males Positively Impacting Others

Charles Paul’s Biography

Charles Paul

Charles Paul was born in 1960 in Anderson, SC, but grew up in Winston-Salem, NC from the age of 4 to the present.  He played games with neighborhood kids like rolling bat, marbles, 4 squares, and dodgeball.  Obstacles that he faced were being dark skinned and being bullied, but not as serious as it is today, and being raised by a single mother with 3 boys until she remarried several years later.

Charles graduated from East Forsyth High School and attended WSSU for 1 year.  He worked at AT&T for 10 years before getting laid-off, he worked at UPS, Kaplan School Supply, Johnson Control, WSFCS, and Aeigis Mechtronics for 13 years until his son asked him to work for him 6 years ago.

Charles Paul is a husband to his wife, of 30 years, Robin, a father, and a grandfather.  He and Robin were both raised in the church and made sure, together with his wife, that both their sons have a strong faith in GOD and are grateful for the blessings that he has bestowed upon the Paul family.

He met his wife Robin when they were teenagers, and together they nurtured their sons athletic goals.  “There were sacrifices along the way, for sure, financial sacrifices, time sacrifices,” states Charles.  “We spent our anniversaries in the gym.  Our vacations were always basketball and football trips to national tournaments.  We sacrificed doing things to the house, put off getting that new car just to make sure we could make sure his sons got to their tournaments.

Those sacrifices have led to son CJ becoming a very successful businessman by handling all of Chris’s business affairs and Chris becoming one of the leading point guards in the NBA.  The Paul family epitomizes what family means.  Charles is the Assistant Director of the CP3 Foundation and Director of the CP3 All Stars AAU team; an organization which he cherishes because he can talk to parents and young boys about different issues such as home, school, and basketball. The charitable hearts and their work ethic allows them to impact the communities in their hometown of Winston-Salem, New Orleans, Los Angeles and beyond.

The family is most proud of the 100% endowed Nathaniel Jones Scholarship Fund, named after Robin’s dad, which allows two students to attend Wake Forest University annually.

Charles and Robin are now experiencing falling in love all over again….with two new members of the Paul family, Chris’ children 3 year Chris Jr. and 6 month old Camryn Alexis.  He loves being a father, but wouldn’t replace the joy of being a grandfather.

Charles’s favorite book is THE BIBLE.  It gives him wisdom and guidance for ALL situations.  Charles is living a blessed life!


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