African American Males Positively Impacting Others

Conversation with Charles

Charles Paul is the Assistant Director of the CP3 Foundation and Director of the CP3 All Stars AAU Team, and he is the father of NBA star Chris Paul. To read his biography click here.

During his visit, he talked about about growing up in a single parent home, the importance of faith, raising African American Males, and how to overcome pitfalls and challenges in today’s world.

Here are some comments we had about his visit:

” He said our youth need to change so that stereotypes won’t be factors anymore”- Dre

” Mr. Paul talked about how he disciplined his two sons, and how he said that he didn’t change who he was because his son is in the NBA”- TimQuan

“In his  biography Mr. Paul  mentioned that he raised his family to have strong faith in God. I was raised the same way and I believe we all need Christ no matter who we are.”-Josh


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