African American Males Positively Impacting Others


RISE is a group of young African American Males at South Mecklenburg High School in Charlotte, NC seeking to positively impact our school and community.

This group was formed because African American Males in our school, community, and nation are experiencing issues that lead to decreased success in school. Some of these issues include:

  • Suspensions at higher rates and punishments that are more severe than others for similar offenses.
  • The lack of counseling/mental health service, coping resources, pro-social/character building programs, peer tutoring, and family/community support.
  • Experiencing more traumatic life events at a young age.

Our purpose is to increase their engagement in school in order to decrease disciplinary infractions and thus increase academic success. Some ways in which we seek to increase engagement include:

  • Increase their involvement in school clubs & activities
  • Nurture positive relationships with teachers
  • Reduce racial bias in schools
  • Use strength-based approaches to building their self-esteem
  • Promote reading achievement
  • Create positive learning environments

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